Forthcoming Services

We can advise that 1m social distancing has been rescinded BUT we are keen to ensure that everyone attending church feels as safe as possible. Therefore, while families and ‘bubbles’ are very welcome to sit together, we would ask for respect to those who wish to maintain distance. We have use of the balcony so no-one should be uncomfortable.
It is still a LEGAL requirement for face masks to be worn throughout a church service (unless exempt).
Hand sanitisers stations will remain in place as will the Test and Protect Policy.
The One-way system has been removed.
These changes have been put in place to ensure the safety of everyone attending the Church, but if you do have any queries, please do not hesitate to speak to an Elder or Board Member.
If you feel unable to attend the Church at present but wish to continue to contribute financially to the work of the Church, please get in touch with an Elder or Board Member.
Sunday 5th December 2021 – 10.15am 
Preacher – Tim Barker
Door Duty – Irene Fowlie & Anne Bain
Sunday 12th December 2021 – 10.15am 
Preacher – Tim Barker
Door Duty – Mary Urquhart & Maria Byiers
Sunday 19th December 2021 – 10.15am
Preacher -Tim Barker
Door Duty – Jim Fowlie & Mary Davidson
Friday 24th December 2021- 7pm – Christmas Eve Service – LONMAY CHURCH
Preacher – Tim Barker
Sunday 26th December 2021 – 11.00am 
Preacher -Tim Barker
Door Duty – Bob Murray & Evie Davidson