About Us

In 2002, tragically our last Minister died ‘in post’, and since that time we have been subject to a number of changes with linked charges.  This has been a challenging period, but, due to the tremendous dedication and hard work of our Kirk Session, Board and members, we have continued to maintain a Christian witness in this parish.

During that time we have been helped by Readers providing pulpit supply, together with support from individuals who have advised and encouraged us.

In September 2011 a Locum was appointed initially for six months. The current contract as been extended until such time as it is no longer required – there is no time limit on this appointment.  This has brought a period of stability and consistency, and we have been able to produce an Action Plan which has seen a number of developments within the life of the Church.

This period has meant that we have developed ways of working together as a team, sharing each other’s opinions and views.  We see this as the way forward when we will seek to work with a Minister sharing together in the Lord’s service.